Legendary Photo

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This community was created for the purpose of sharing photography with fantasy-based subject matter. Post photos based on myths, legends, faerie tales, fantasy novels, and heroic epics.

The Rules:
1. You may post photos by professional photographers if you credit the photographer.
2. You may post your own photos.
3. You may manipulate your photos in photoshop or other graphics programs, but only your OWN photos.
4. You may NOT post photo-manipulations of other phototgrapher's work unless you have permission from that photographer. Anyone who posts photo-manipulations of other's work without permission will be banned and ridiculed.
5. You may not post work that is not photography. There are other communities for other media.
6. All works posted on this site are protected by copyright to their creators. Do not use photography posted here without permission.
7. Expect to get critiqued for your work, please accept it with grace.
8. If you critique someone else's work, make sure it is constructive criticism and presented in a helpful manner.
9. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE POSTED BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! Be polite, with all photos under a cut, no one's friend's page will suffer.

These rules will be subject to change as the need arises.